Triple wavelengths laser hair removal laser hair removal
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Triple wavelengths laser hair removal

Triple wavelength combination laser is relatively newer in the armamentarium for hair removal. Important aspects include absorption, penetration, and coverage while removing hairs using laser therapy. This laser has an adequate wavelength for hair removal. A principle behind triple wavelength laser is the more, the better. Combining three wavelengths is expected to provide better results than one wavelength laser in less time. Triple diode laser technology allows laser device manufacturers to offer an integrated solution to a clinician by incorporating three different wavelengths. This laser device’s handpiece reaches different depths within the hair follicle, allowing it to use three different wavelengths, which may benefit the hair follicle’s parameters. For comfort and convenience, the triple-layer diode laser for hair removal still performs very well on deeper and more extensive areas like the scalp, armpits, and pubic areas. Due to efficient cooling in the device, hair removal is almost painless.


The benefits of triple wavelengths laser hair removal

You need a treatment system that provides enough power and takes multiple passes over your skin to remove unwanted hairs effectively. Some laser machines on the market today utilize only two wavelengths. Research suggests that using only two wavelengths is a weaker, less effective way to eliminate unwanted body and facial hair—and if you’re looking for a fast and effective result, soft may not be what you want. That’s why we offer three wavelengths of laser hair removal. Triple wavelength laser mixes the synergy of three wavelengths, 1064, 810, and 755 nm. Out of these three, 1064 and 810 nm have the potential for deep penetration and focus on darker skin tones. Wavelength 1064 nm can be beneficial for areas such as armpits and pubic areas. Wavelength 810 is often used for arms, legs, and cheeks, whereas 755 nm is helpful for eyebrows and upper lip areas. This combination of wavelengths allows us to treat all types of hair growth and deliver optimal results.

How does it work?

Triple wavelengths laser hair removal is different than your traditional laser. Although conventional lasers have a single wavelength that targets the dark pigment in hair, triple wavelengths laser hair removal has three separate wavelengths that work on all skin types and tones. This allows for greater flexibility, and a wider variety of patients benefit from triple wavelengths laser hair removal. The devices included long-pulse 755 nm Alexandrite laser, long-pulse 810 nm diode lasers, long-pulse 1,064 nm ND: YAG laser, and rotational treatment consisting of a single session by each of the three laser systems. These combined wavelengths allow for unparalleled versatility in treating people regardless of their unique characteristics and histories.


Is triple wavelengths laser hair removal safe?

Triple wavelengths laser hair removal is effective and safe. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved it for permanent or long-term treatment of unwanted facial or body hair. The most common procedure, known as long-pulsed or non-ablative laser, works by targeting dark pigment in your skin called melanin. Over time, a treated area can become less sensitive to light, heat, and touch -- meaning you’ll need to invest less time shaving or waxing. You may experience some pain after your treatments, but it’s generally minimal compared with other methods of removing unwanted body hair. The treatments are also fast -- lasting only several minutes per session -- allowing you to return to your daily routine quickly and comfortably.

My husband & I LOVE the treatments we've had done at Lime Skin Care!!!! The atmosphere is so welcoming....Liana is the BEST, truly a professional who knows how to treat your skin to make you look & feel great about yourself again! She educates you on every procedure & takes time to make sure you're happy with the outcome...My skin looks great, my complexion is glowing & I look 10 years younger...Plus I'm not finished yet!! My friends have all noticed the difference & I've recommended the clinic to everyone! Thank you, Liana!

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