Chemical Peels Chemical peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to treat many different types of skin conditions, but they're most commonly used to treat and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, rosacea, acne scars, age spots, and other blemishes. A chemical peel removes the outermost layer of skin from your face, revealing new skin that's smoother and brighter in color. 

Chemical peels

The benefits of Chemical Peels

Although chemical peels can be quite effective in treating wrinkles, rosacea, and pigmentation (all skin conditions associated with aging), there is always a risk involved with any procedure. However, the benefits of chemical peels outweigh these risks, as they will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. In addition, skin that has been chemically peeled is also more receptive to topical treatments such as creams and serums.

Chemical peels

How do Chemical Peels work?

A chemical peel is a controlled procedure in which a technician exfoliates (removes) layers of damaged skin cells. An acidic or alkaline solution is applied to your skin during a chemical peel. The answer can be used with a brush, sponge, gel, pad, or cotton ball and removed after being absorbed into your skin. A chemical peel can help you fight wrinkles and rosacea by causing new skin cells to grow over damaged ones without affecting areas that aren't damaged. Certain types of peels also can be used to treat pigmentation problems such as sunspots and age spots. However, not all peels are safe for all skin types, so we will assess your skin to determine if you are a good candidate for a Chemical Peels treatment.

Chemical peels

Is Chemical Peels treatment safe?

A chemical peel involves using an acid solution to exfoliate or remove damaged skin. It is often recommended for aging and photo-damaged skin that has become rough and dull-looking. It's also used to treat acne scars, improve uneven pigmentation, smooth fine lines, and reduce large pores. When done correctly, a chemical peel can be both safe and effective. However, there is a potential risk of complications, including inflammation and infection, as with all treatments. Therefore you must find a reputable provider like Limeskincare who has training in performing chemical peels.

Chemical peels

How do Chemical Peels benefit your skin long time?

A chemical peel, otherwise known as a superficial peel or simply peeling, is a procedure where an acid solution is applied to your skin, which causes your outer layer of skin to be removed to reveal younger skin underneath. The new skin will appear rejuvenated and healthy. A chemical peel is considered to be a cosmetic dermatologic procedure. It can benefit patients with various conditions, including wrinkles, sun damage, freckles, age spots, acne scarring, and rosacea.

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