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Cutting down on fat isn't only good for your heart; it's also good for your skin. Losing weight will reduce the amount of unsightly cellulite you have, not to mention help improve the look of your skin. This will make you feel better about yourself and improve how others see you. But if you want a fast and simple way to lose fat without going under the knife, Cool Sculpting might be the right choice for you! 


The benefits of Cool Sculpting

Many patients seek a non-invasive procedure that helps remove fat around problem areas. Patients choose Cool Sculpting for fat reduction in multiple locations, including the abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, and back. However, some patients prefer Cool Sculpting on smaller problem areas instead of an entire package for larger areas like the stomach or thighs. For example, if you want to get rid of your double chin, many patients use Cool Sculpting instead of undergoing surgery. There is no downtime with Cool Sculpting, and the results are permanent! Imagine only going through one procedure and seeing positive results every time you look in the mirror!

How does Cool Sculpting Work?

Cool Sculpting is a non-surgical procedure that freezes and removes fat cells from many areas of your body. First, the fat cells are frozen, which destroys them and makes them easy to remove by your body's natural processes. To perform Cool Sculpting, a small applicator is applied to targeted fat pockets on specific areas of your body. This applicator then uses controlled cooling to freeze these fat cells, naturally eliminating them from your body over several weeks.

Is Cool Sculpting Treatment Safe?

Cool Sculpting is another treatment option for fat reduction that has proven effective for specific individuals. Cool Sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that can help reduce body fat without undergoing surgery or invasive liposuction techniques. The results from Cool Sculpting are mild, but with repeated treatments and time, you can achieve fat reduction! Understanding how each method works and when they're best used to achieve a more sculpted look is essential! 


How does Cool Sculpting benefit your skin for a long time?

Cool Sculpting is an FDA-cleared cryolipolysis treatment for safe fat reduction. It utilizes controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells without affecting surrounding skin or muscle tissue. Instead of undergoing liposuction, patients can achieve similar results with Cool Sculpting in a shorter time — often in fewer than 10 minutes per treatment area versus several hours for surgery. This makes it an attractive choice for busy individuals who want to reduce their body fat but are short on time and don't want invasive surgery.

I have been coming to Lime Skin Care for quite a while and I really enjoy this place. They are very friendly and first class in customer service! Liana treats me with such professionalism and you can tell she enjoys what she does. She has used many different machines to shape my body (ems sculpting, cool sculpting, presotherapy) with amazing results at such great prices! I really recommend Lime Skin Care as a one stop shop for all your beauty needs!

Betty D.

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