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Utims Smas Lifting

Do you have an annoying double chin? Or maybe the fat won't go away no matter how much dieting and exercise you do? Perhaps you feel like your skin isn't as firm as it used to be. If so, Ultims Smas Lifting can be the solution to your woes, offering fat reduction, face smas lifting, and double chin reduction through the use of HIFU technology. This technology applies high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to deliver the energy into deeper layers of skin (SMAS layer) and dermis layer in a non-invasive way.

The benefits of Ultims Smas Lifting

  • It also helps tighten and firm skin, reduce double chin, and improve stretch marks. 
  • When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Ultims can give you healthier-looking, glowing skin! 
  • The treatment is done through non-surgical and needle-less means. 
  • You will feel firmer and tighter in just minutes after using Ultims Smas Lifting. 
  • The product contains no harmful chemicals or toxins commonly found in other products on the market today. 
  • There are no adverse side effects or downtime associated with using Ultim's Smas Lifting.
  • It reduces cellulite and body fat. 

How does Ultims Smas Lifting work?

Ultims Smas Lifting is a non-surgical approach to fat reduction, face smas lifting, and double chin reduction. The treatment is carried out through the use of HIFU technology (high intensed focused ultrasound) to safely and effectively target fat cells, shrinking them in size and reducing the overall appearance of cellulite, double chin, and fatty areas on your body. The significant advantage of the Ultims Smas lifting is that you get the result of both a surgical facelift without a scalpel, long-term rehabilitation, stitches, and incisions.

Comparison of Ultims Smas Lifting and Ultherapy

Ultims Smas Lifting is an innovation in fat reduction, face smas lifting, and double chin reduction. It uses HIFU technology (high intensed focused ultrasound) to tighten the skin under your chin, burn localized fat cells, increase collagen production, and reduce ultim's smas lifting. It works by stimulating collagen production and reducing loose skin. The technology also works on deeper layers of skin to encourage collagen production in areas such as your neckline or abdomen. In addition, Ultims Smas Lifting is less painful than traditional methods like Ultherapy and others because it doesn't require numbing creams or freeze-injection devices to relieve pain – making it safer for patients of all ages!

Is Ultims Smas Lifting treatment safe?

Yes, Ultims Smas Lifting is safe and approved by FDA. The ideal patient for Ultims Smas Lifting is somebody who:

  • Experience laxity and sagging of the skin of the chin and neck
  • Patients who wish to prevent age-related ptosis of the soft tissues of the face and neck
  • Want to reduce excess fat and double chin
  • It is suitable for face smas lifting

Not suitable for patients who:

  • Is experiencing general diseases of an infectious type
  • Experience systemic diseases of the connective tissue like scleroderma
  • Has the presence of metal implants in the face and neck area
  • Are pregnant
  • Have diabetes
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How does Ultims Smas Lifting benefit your skin long time?

You can instantly see how Ultims Smas Lifting works to smooth and repair your skin, minimizing wrinkles. But what you might not know is that Ultims Smas Lifting offers several long-term benefits to keep your skin looking as young as possible over time. Ultims Smas Lifting targets some of the key contributors to visible aging like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It boosts natural moisturization levels, so you have smooth, supple feeling skin. It protects against free radical damage to reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. And because Ultims Smas Lifting helps defend against moisture loss, you'll retain hydration better throughout your day-to-day life!

I have been coming to Lime Skin Care for quite a while and I really enjoy this place. They are very friendly and first class in customer service! Liana treats me with such professionalism and you can tell she enjoys what she does. She has used many different machines to shape my body (ems sculpting, cool sculpting, presotherapy) with amazing results at such great prices! I really recommend Lime Skin Care as a one stop shop for all your beauty needs!

Betty D.

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